OCA Chancery addressing recent news reports concerning Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — The Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America is currently working with All-American Council Manager, Archpriest Myron Manzuk, to follow up on media reports claiming that the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, site of the Church’s 15th All-American Council this November, is in a financial crisis.

In a recent communication from the Hilton Hotel, Fr. Myron learned that initial reports had overstated the level of urgency in this matter and that most of the problems reported were issues that the hotel had addressed sometime ago. In an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review dated today, July 18, 2008, spokespersons for the hotel’s owners said that they did not foresee past financial struggles hindering the completion of planned renovations nor did they anticipate any disruption to the regular business operations at the hotel.

The Preconciliar Commission and OCA Chancery administration will continue to monitor this situation to ensure that the 15th All-American Council takes place as announced.


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