Preconciliar Commission expands schedule of Town Hall meetings

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] – On Monday, June 16, 2008, the Preconciliar Commission charged with making preparations for the Orthodox Church in America’s 15th All-American Council met at the OCA Chancery here.

“A main topic of the meeting was the Town Hall meetings now under way throughout the Church in preparation for the All-American Council,” said the Archpriest Andrew Jarmus, OCA director of ministries and communications. “The first Town Hall meeting, which was very positively received by participants, took place Saturday, June 8, 2008, at Annunciation Cathedral in Ottawa, Canada. This meeting was the first of an initial nine planned in locations in the US and Canada.”

“Preconciliar Commission members discussed other locations which had been listed previously but had not yet been scheduled, among them the New York City area,” Father Andrew added. “They also reviewed new locations that have been suggested since the first Town Hall schedule was posted on the internet.”

The expanded Town Hall meeting schedule is found below.

Commission members also reviewed the latest submissions to the 15th All-American Council email address. These submissions may be downloaded in PDF format here.

The 15th All-American Council will open on Monday, November 10, 2008 and run through Thursday, November 13, at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA.


Amended June 18, 2008





Hierarch / PCC Rep.

June 7


Ottawa, Canada

Annunciation Cathedral


Archbishop Seraphim, Bishop Nikon, Fr. A. Jarmus

June 24


Dallas, TX

Scheduled during Diocesan Assembly


Archbishop Dmitri, Fr. A. Garklavs

June 26


San Francisco, CA

Scheduled during Diocesan Assembly


Bishop Benjamin, M. Jannakos

June 28


Washington, DC

St. Nicholas Cathedral


Metropolitan Herman, Fr. A. Garklavs, L. Morris

July 3


Edmonton, Canada

St. Herman of Alaska Sobor


Archbishop Seraphim, Bp Nikon, Fr. M. Tassos

July 12


Montreal, Canada

St. Peter & Paul’s Church


Archbishop Seraphim, [PCC member TBA]

July 12

Crestwood (New York Metro Area)

St. Vladimir’s Seminary

3-6 pm

Bishop Nikon, [PCC member TBA]

July 17



Holy Trinity Church

6-9 pm

Archbishop Job, M. Jannakos

July 19


Bethlehem, PA

St. Nicholas Church


Bishop Tikhon, Fr. A. Jarmus, E. Skuby

July 23


Hartford, CT

All Saints Church


Bishop. Nikon, Fr A. Jarmus

July 24


Chicago, IL/Burr Ridge

Sts. Peter & Paul Church


Archbishop Job, Fr. A Garklavs

July 31


Indianapolis, IN

St. John the Forerunner


Archbishop Job, M. Jannakos

August 29/30


Orlando, FL



Metropolitan Herman, Fr A. Jarmus



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2 responses to “Preconciliar Commission expands schedule of Town Hall meetings

  1. Mark C. Phinney

    The following was one of the email messages received by the PCC and recently made available:

    On Tuesday, November 11th during the All American Council, Americans will mark the civil holiday of Veterans’ Day, while Canadians will mark Remembrance Day.

    Both holidays commemorate the sacrifice of those who have given their lives for our respective countries.

    It would be most suitable to schedule a Panykhida (memorial) service for departed soldiers to be held this day, as part of the main agenda of the AAC.

    The AAC should schedule a panykhida to remember those who have given their lives in the service of their country. Indeed, it would be most proper and fitting to schedule that panykhida to begin at 11:00 a.m. that morning.

  2. Thanks for the note. The PCC is working a commemoration of Veterans’/Remembrance Day into the Tuesday, November 11 program.

    Fr. Andrew Jarmus

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