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Preconciliar Commission discusses resolutions, town hall meetings

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — On Monday, May 12, 2008, the Preconciliar Commission met at the Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America here.

Reflecting on the consultation held in April with commission members and invited guests, His Grace, Bishop Nikon of Boston, New England, and the Albanian Archdiocese, Commission Chair, noted the value of person-to-person dialogue. Commission members anticipate similar success in the upcoming town hall meeting series.

Bishop Nikon consulted with other members of the Holy Synod of Bishops during their May 13-15 session, and the following town hall meetings are now being planned:

  • Ottawa, ON, June 7
  • San Francisco, CA, June 26
  • Edmonton, AB, July 3
  • Bethlehem, PA, July 19

Dates are also being finalized for town hall meetings in: Washington, DC; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL, and at a location in the Diocese of New England.

Consideration also is being given to holding a town hall meeting in Western Pennsylvania and offering an AAC related presentation at the annual convention of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America in Orlando in September.

At its May 12 meeting, the Preconciliar Commission reviewed the draft AAC resolutions procedures. Bishop Nikon presented the proposed Resolution Procedures to the Holy Synod later in the week. Resolution Procedures for the 15th All-American Council, as approved by the Holy Synod, can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Commission members also discussed several issues related to the Council site and to upcoming AAC mailings, the first of which, slated to be mailed at the end of June, will include registration information.

In discussing AAC finances, Archpriest Michael Tassos, OCA treasurer, indicated that approximately 90 per cent of parishes have already submitted their Council assessments.

The next meeting of the Preconciliar Commission will be held in early June, after the first town hall meeting in Ottawa, June 7.


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15th All-American Council Resolution Procedures

In order to encourage wider discussion of issues facing our Church, the Preconciliar Commission is expanding provisions for submission and discussion of resolutions and proposed amendments to OCA Statute. Parishes and other church bodies (deaneries, dioceses, stavropegial institutions) may submit proposed resolutions in advance of the council to a newly-established Resolutions Committee.

– The Resolutions Committee will review each submission. If necessary it will discuss possible editorial changes with the submitting body.

If substantially identical resolutions are submitted, the Committee will consolidate them into a single resolution, again after consultation with the submitting bodies.

If, in the estimation of the Committee, a proposed resolution clearly lies outside the competence of the All-American Council, whether on canonical grounds or OCA Statute grounds, the Committee will inform the submitting body of this. In case of doubt, a proposed resolution will be submitted to the Holy Synod to determine whether it can be brought before the All American Council.

– If a proposed resolution is determined to lie outside the competence of the All American Council, the Committee, in consultation with the Holy Synod and the proposing body, will consider alternative ways of bringing issues underlying the proposed resolution to the attention of the All American Council.

– As soon as possible after receipt and review of a proposed resolution, the Committee will post it on the OCA website. Feedback mechanisms will be provided in both electronic and paper form.

After review of submissions, the Resolutions Committee will turn over proposed resolutions to the Preconciliar Commission for inclusion on the All American Council agenda. Deliberation on proposed resolutions will take place in plenary sessions throughout the course of the council.

– Resolutions from parishes normally shall bear the signatures of the parish priest and the president of the parish council; those from deaneries, of the dean and other priests of the deanery; those from dioceses, of the bishop and the diocesan chancellor; those from stavropegial institutions, of the abbot, dean or rector and at least one other member of the institution in question.

– Resolutions and proposed amendments to the OCA Statute will be sent to the respective diocesan archbishop or bishop, who will sign and forward them to the Resolutions Committee or to the Commission on Canons and Statutes.

– To allow sufficient time for consideration, proposed resolutions from parishes and other church bodies must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee by August 15, 2008.

– As in past All American Councils, resolutions may also be proposed in the course of the council itself. Details concerning procedures for submission of such proposals will be posted at a later time.

– Procedures for amendment of the OCA Statute differ from procedures for All American Council resolutions in many ways. Procedures for Statute amendment are set forth in the OCA Statute Article XIII sections 1-2. Here are the sections relating to Statute amendment. The complete Statute is available on the OCA website

. Article XIII – Amendments



Section 1

This Statute may be amended by an All-American Church Council. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Church 90 days prior to an All-American Council. The parishes must have all proposed amendments to be acted upon by the All-American Church Council in their possession 60 days prior to the Council.


Section 2

A final draft of all proposed amendments from the parishes shall be mailed, together with recommendations of the parishes and the Statute Commission, 60 days prior to the All- American Council.


Accordingly, proposed amendments to the Statute must be sent to the OCA Chancery to the attention of the Commission on Canons and Statutes.


May 15, 2008

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