Preconciliar Commission meets, plans series of “Town Hall Meeting” consultations

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — The Preconciliar Commission of the Orthodox Church in America, charged with planning the 15th All-American Council that will convene in Pittsburgh, PA in November 2008, is planning a series of regional “town hall meeting” consultations in preparation for the Council.

An initial consultation, during which invited participants discussed various issues related to the upcoming AAC and the status of the Church in general, was held on Monday, April 7. This meeting was regarded as a breakthrough by Commission members, who gratefully acknowledged the support, openness, and leadership in this initiative of Commission Chair, His Grace, Bishop Nikon of Boston, New England, and the Albanian Archdiocese.


“The regional consultations will function as a series of ‘living study papers’ in preparation for the AAC. Feedback from these gatherings will help shape the final draft of the AAC’s agenda,” said Archpriest Andrew Jarmus, OCA Director of Ministries and Communications.


The regional consultations were discussed at the Commission’s meeting at the OCA Chancery on Tuesday, April 8, 2008.


The Preconciliar Commission will present the proposal for the regional consultations to the Holy Synod of Bishops.


AAC study papers were another topic of the April 8 meeting. Papers will address current issues in the Church, in addition to the three areas highlighted at the 14th All-American Council — administrative unity, missions and evangelization, and Christian education.


It was noted that reservations are now being taken by the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel. Click here for information on reservations and related matters.


The next meeting of the Preconciliar Commission will be held on Monday, May 12, 2008.



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6 responses to “Preconciliar Commission meets, plans series of “Town Hall Meeting” consultations

  1. Daniel E. Fall

    It would be good if the PCC of the AAC published rules/process about submitting resolutions here.

    Sorry if I’m ahead of the plan. One thing about the internet is the cart can lead the horse a bit.


  2. Hello blog site,
    Who is the mediator of this site? I have gained a confidence that through we know that Mark Stokoe is the responder to his website. This kind of gives his site a less distant feeling to our remarks. His is not an anonymouse committee. Who is posting and responding to our emails ? Do you take turns? Thanks for letting us know.
    Patty Schellbach 🙂

  3. Hello, Patty.

    Good question. I am the moderator of the site. Responses might come from me or, depending on the comment/question, someone else who might be in a better position to respond. For example, a question on resolutions would be forwarded to the chair of the Resolutions Committee, a question about the hotel would be forwarded to the Council Manager, etc.

    Have a blessed Holy Week and Pascha.

    Fr. Andrew Jarmus,
    Director of Ministries and Communications

  4. Charli Riggle

    I saw that “the west coast” will be the site of one of the Town Hall meetings. I would like to suggest that there be more than one on the west coast. At a minimum, I think there should be one in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Oregon, or Seattle, Washington, area) and one in California. Otherwise, it will be too difficult for concerned people to attend.

  5. Fr. Sergius Halvorsen

    I’m not sure if this is the best place for this post, but here it goes anyway.

    One of my most pressing concerns for the AAC has to do with establishing/articulating concrete objectives for the OCA, which is closely related to the budget. Clearly we are going to discuss and vote on a budget, but I think it has to be an outcome-driven budget. For example, if we are going to fund a certain level of staffing for the chancery, which will include a certain amount of travel for that staff, what is the expected outcome? What exactly will those staff accomplish as a result of that investment of time and talent?

    Let’s say that one of the objectives for the next five years is to establish twenty-five new missions, and facilitate the renewal of twenty five established, yet struggling parishes. When it comes time to pass a budget, it will be clear what we need the money for.

    By establishing concrete objectives we will not only avoid a potential nightmare when it comes to discussing the budget, but we may move closer to establishing a unifying vision for the OCA.

    Fr. Sergius

  6. Matushka Myra Oleynik

    Christ is Risen!
    How wonderful to see your blog up and running. As lay co-chair of the 15th AAC I look forward to reading responses from our faithful. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to Pittsburgh and we’ll be meeting again this week to continue our planning. The pre-conciliar committee’s theme, “Members of one another in Christ,” is so very appropriate. Yes, we are in this together!

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